Dissemination of the project to the educational community

Dissemination of the project to the educational community

25 January 2017

LIFE Montserrat objectives are long term objectives and in order to achieve them local awareness and connivance are absolutely necessary. With this in mind, the action concerning project dissemination to the local educational community is particularly relevant.

In this context, an ambitious proposal including collective work with local schools has been designed. Based on the conviction that technical contents from the project have a great educational potential, working seminars with teachers have been developed and planned so that those contents can be properly selected and adapted to the particularities of each school and group of students.

The aim is to end up with educational activities embraced by the teachers that will have to implement them and well suited to the means of each school and to the interests of the target students.

The first step to get this process started was to present the LIFE Montserrat educational proposal to primary and secondary schools within the project area so that they can decide whether they want to join the project or not.

Many schools have shown high interest for the proposal and most of those that have come to the presentations will be implementing the activities with their students during the next school year (2017-2018).

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