Forest fire experts from different countries visit the LIFE Montserrat area

Forest fire experts from different countries visit the LIFE Montserrat area

7 February 2017

The International congress on prescribed fires (ICOPFIRES) took place in Barcelona on 1-3 February, bringing together many fire professionals and experts from all over the world. The agenda of the Congress included a field trip with a prescribed fire executed by the GRAF team (Catalonia Fire Department). The plot selected was in the Puigventós area since it is close enough to Barcelona and the GRAF team are already executing prescribed fires there in the framework of the LIFE Montserrat Project actions. So on Friday 3 over 200 people arrived to Puigventós with the aim to see a prescribed burning being executed and get to know about a project that uses prescribed burnings as a tool for habitat and land management.

The field trip organization included several workshops focused on different topics, one of them being the LIFE Montserrat project as an example of practical use and implementation of prescribed fires. The participants were divided in small groups that moved from one workshop to another so that they finally could attend them all. During the sessions, a short talk about the topics was given by the organizing staff, but most of the time was dedicated to open debates among the participants. An excellent opportunity to present the LIFE Montserrat Project to an international audience closely related to the objectives of the project.

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