Urgent measures to help Montserrat’s Bonelli’s eagles

Urgent measures to help Montserrat’s Bonelli’s eagles

29 May 2017

Montserrat Natural Park technicians will be conducting extraordinary management actions to help the local pair of Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) feed their chick during the next critical weeks, before it can fly away from the nest. Concrete measures have been designed by a group of experts in management and monitoring of Bonelli’s Eagle including a research team from the University of Barcelona and staff from the Environmental and Agriculture Departments of the Catalan Government.

The progressive loss of open areas in Montserrat and its surroundings makes it hard for the eagles to find appropriate hunting areas and this is particularly critical during the breeding season.

Prescribed burning activity carried out by the LIFE Montserrat project in the main hunting areas used by these eagles will have future positive effects in terms of habitat recovery and rabbit and partridge populations, the latter being the eagle’s favorite preys. But direct aid measures seem to be necessary right now so that this year’s chick can develop properly. It would be a new breeding success for local Bonelli’s eagles to be added to the 32 eagle chicks that have been successfully raised in the area, year after year, since 1998.

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