In order to reach its objectives, the project will put into practice, evaluate and disseminate an integrated silvopastoral management plan in Montserrat Mountain and surroundings. It will encompass a grazing management plan and a forest restoration plan as tools to foster ecosystems’ services and multifunctionality.

  • A. Preparatory actions

    A.1. Increase the number of members of the Association of Forest Owners “Entorns de Montserrat” (APFEM)

    A.2 Creation of the Association of livestock farmers “Entorns de Montserrat”

    A.3 Forest inventory of the grazing priority area

    A.4 Determination of grazing patterns and regimes

  • C. Concrete conservation actions

    C.1 Recovery of open habitats (preparation for pasture and improving biodiversity) (284ha)

    • C.1.1 Mowing scrubs (140ha)
    • C.1.2 Prescribed burnings (144ha)
    • C.1.3 Recovery of abandoned fields

    C.2 Forest stratification and preparation for pasture (3.753ha)

    • C.2.1 In the pine stands
    • C.2.2 In oak and holm oak stands
    • C.2.3 Chipping of trees and branches from thinning operations

    C.3 Implementation of the grazing system (3.950ha)

  • D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

    D.1: Monitoring of the efficiency and accomplishment of the grazing management plan

    D.2: Monitoring of the conservation actions related to forest management

    D.3: Monitoring the conservation actions related to biodiversity

    D.4: Cost-effective study on prevention/extinguishing of fires

    D.5: Study on the socio-economic impact of the project

  • E. Public awareness and dissemination of results

    E.1: Project website and project’s graphic identity

    E.2: Notice boards

    E.3: Layman’s report

    E.4. Local community awareness campaign

    E.5. Technical workshop and final conference

    E.6 Promotional material

    E.7 Media work

  • F. Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

    F.1 Project management by DIBA

    F.2 Networking

    F.3 Audit

    F.4 After-LIFE Communication Plan


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