End of the project

End of the project

29 July 2019

The LIFE Montserrat project officially ended on June 30.

Over the last 5 years, the project has restored 1200 hectares of land and created 120 new hectares of open areas. The project has also introduced new herds of cows, goats and donkeys to graze on 1400 hectares. Grazing activity will contribute to reduce the risk of fire by controlling fuel load accumulations, and to maintain a heterogeneous landscape that favors biodiversity.

Project benefits also extend to the socioeconomic sphere, with new opportunities in the agricultural sector and the involvement of the local population in the management of their natural heritage.

The challenge in the coming years is to consolidate the activity of these small livestock farms so that the environmental and social benefits achieved can be sustained in the long run and that they can be replicated in other areas with similar characteristics and problems.

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