Completion of forest works in Esparreguera
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  • Completion of forest works in Esparreguera

    8 July 2019

    Thinning of dense young Aleppo pine stands in Serra de Rubió (Esparreguera) has been carried out in properties within the scope of the Montserrat Forest Owners Association during April, May and June 2019. As a result of the 1986 and 1994 fires, forests in this area showed densities above 10,000 trees/ha with severe effects on […]

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  • Completion of prescribed burning activity

    1 April 2019

    During February and March 2019, firefighters have performed prescribed burning on 6 hectares in Can Maçana (El Bruc) and 6,5 hectares in Casasaies (Castellgalí). These two actions have completed burning activity carried out within the framework of the LIFE Montserrat project. In general, through the prescribed burning, the project has turned 65 hectares of land […]

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  • Grazing management plans

    11 June 2018

    The elaboration of grazing management plans for each LIFE Montserrat grazing unit is one of the main current project working lines. These plans are based on the study and identification of livestock feeding potential areas in every grazing unit in order to define best possible use of the resources considering the objectives of the project […]

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  • Livestock purchases have been completed

    22 March 2018

    The purchase of animals is one of the actions carried out by the project to help local livestock holdings by lightening their needs of investment. At the same time, the measure is useful to accelerate the introduction of grazing activity in strategic areas for fire prevention. At the beginning of March, the project completed these […]

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  • New farmyard in Vacarisses

    13 December 2017

    The construction of a new farmyard has been completed during the autumn. It is located in El Mimó, a public property owned by Vacarisses Town Council in which a new livestock holding will soon start its activity with the support of the LIFE Montserrat project. The new infrastructure is made of wood as a measure […]

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  • Workshop with farmers

    16 October 2017

    A meeting between LIFE Montserrat farmers and the project technical staff took place on 9 October in El Bruc Town Council. Livestock holdings that benefit from LIFE Montserrat investments have already been selected at this stage, and they will all contribute to have grazing activity implemented in over 50% of the strategic areas for fire […]

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  • Prescribed burnings in Serra de Can Rubió have been completed

    15 September 2017

    On 12-13 September, wildfire fighting specialists of the Catalan Fire Department executed a prescribed burning in the remaining 6 hectares of the Can Rubió sector that had not been completed before the summer. The creation of a 16 hectares plot of low fuel load is especially important in an area where forest and shrub continuity […]

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  • New areas with grazing activity

    25 August 2017

    LIFE Montserrat project has purchased 150 goats to get grazing activity started in a wide strategic area for fire prevention in the municipality of Castellgalí, in the northern side of the project area. The animals have been sent to El Gall, a farm that used to have livestock activity until a few years ago. Now, […]

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  • New infrastructure for livestock implementation in Can Maçana

    17 July 2017

    Can Maçana is a protected natural area located in the western side of the Montserrat Natural Park. The project has built there a new goat shed to shelter the herd of goats that will soon start grazing the area. The shed can hold up to 70 goats considering organic farming requirements. It is made of […]

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