New areas with grazing activity

New areas with grazing activity

25 August 2017

LIFE Montserrat project has purchased 150 goats to get grazing activity started in a wide strategic area for fire prevention in the municipality of Castellgalí, in the northern side of the project area.

The animals have been sent to El Gall, a farm that used to have livestock activity until a few years ago. Now, thanks to LIFE Montserrat’s technical and financial support, El Gall owners will have the opportunity to take this new project forward. It is also a good opportunity for LIFE Montserrat since the only necessary investments to get grazing activity back on track in the area are those related to the purchase of the animals considering that farm infrastructures already exist. Another important advantage relies on the great ability in herding goats showed by the responsible of the farm. This is both a guarantee of a good development of the grazing activity and a tool to persuade other forest owners in the neighbourhood to allow grazing activity in their properties. In fact, some of them have already joined the local Forest Owners Association as a first step to end up signing grazing agreements with the LIFE Montserrat project.

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