Grazing management plans

Grazing management plans

11 June 2018

The elaboration of grazing management plans for each LIFE Montserrat grazing unit is one of the main current project working lines. These plans are based on the study and identification of livestock feeding potential areas in every grazing unit in order to define best possible use of the resources considering the objectives of the project in terms of biodiversity and fire prevention.

Several study plots have been set up in each grazing unit. Every plot is then characterised according to its herbaceous, bush and tree cover, and its species composition is accurately identified. Once the potential of each grazing area has been defined, optimal frequency and intensity of grazing can be properly established.

The scope of the plans includes the strategic areas for fire prevention and surrounding areas required to feed livestock.

The main objective of the plans is to regulate livestock activity in these areas so that it becomes viable in the long run. It is therefore a necessary step towards a sustainable and lasting landscape scenario were open habitats in a mosaic of forest and pasture units prevent the spread of major forest fires and enhance biodiversity.

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