Completion of forest works in Esparreguera

Completion of forest works in Esparreguera

8 July 2019

Thinning of dense young Aleppo pine stands in Serra de Rubió (Esparreguera) has been carried out in properties within the scope of the Montserrat Forest Owners Association during April, May and June 2019. As a result of the 1986 and 1994 fires, forests in this area showed densities above 10,000 trees/ha with severe effects on the growth of the pines due to excess of competition among them and lack of space and resources.

Forestry works conducted in Esparreguera have improved the stability of the pinewoods, its resilience to climate change and to new forest fires, as well as increasing biodiversity through the improvement of the habitat. They have also increased the production of cones and their fertility which is very important in order to ensure the persistence of the forest if a new fire occurs. The density of the pines has been reduced to 1,000 trees / ha and the action has been completed with the selection of oak and strawberry tree sprouts and the low pruning of the trees. Over 30 people have been working in the pinewoods clearing, on a surface of 212 ha and with a total investment of 262,308.54 €.

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