Completion of prescribed burning activity

Completion of prescribed burning activity

1 April 2019

During February and March 2019, firefighters have performed prescribed burning on 6 hectares in Can Maçana (El Bruc) and 6,5 hectares in Casasaies (Castellgalí). These two actions have completed burning activity carried out within the framework of the LIFE Montserrat project. In general, through the prescribed burning, the project has turned 65 hectares of land into new open areas. Firefighters have spent 30 days running all this burning activity. The recovery of open areas will be useful in promoting biodiversity, reducing fuel load to prevent large fires, and improving pastures to help the livestock farms linked to the project.

Running a prescribed burning is not easy. It requires the participation of many people, both professionals and volunteers. And now, once the job is done, we want to thank all these people for their efforts and involvement, which has made the results possible.

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