Project briefing in Montserrat Park (El Bruc)

Project briefing in Montserrat Park (El Bruc)

24 October 2016

Montserrat Park is a residential area located in the heart of one of the strategic areas for fire prevention identified by the Fire Department within the project area. Many project actions are therefore being implemented around this residential area.

Since livestock activity is about to be introduced in the surroundings of Montserrat Park with the aim to reduce and control forest fuel load accumulation it seemed to be the appropriate time to have a meeting with local residents so they could receive first-hand information about the project actions and set out their doubts and questions.

With this in mind, the LIFE Montserrat Project together with El Bruc Town Council and Montserrat Park Residents’ Association organized a briefing on October 22 attended by the Mayor of El Bruc, the project technical staff and the farmers that will start working around Montserrat Park.

The response from the neighbours was very positive as they realized that livestock will contribute to strengthen security conditions in Montserrat Park and that people living in such residential areas are among those who will benefit the most from the overall project measures. Thus, they showed full understanding of the little inconveniences resulting from the vicinity of livestock and they placed value on having donkeys and goats nearby their homes as a new local source of interest.

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