Livestock holdings from El Bruc receive new animals

Livestock holdings from El Bruc receive new animals

18 November 2016

The Sant Simeó area, located in El Bruc, is one of the strategic areas that have been identified for fire prevention. In Sant Simeó there are two holdings working under the objectives of the LIFE Montserrat project. In November, both of them have received new livestock in order to strengthen grazing activity in the area.

One of the holdings works with Florida goats, a southern dairy breed well suited to mountain and forest grazing. The project has purchased 62 young goats (60 females and 2 males) of about 3 months old. They are all adapting pretty good to their new environment after a long journey from Extremadura (southern Spain).
The other one is a cattle holding. In this case, the already existing small herd of cows has been increased with 14 new animals purchased by the project.

Cows and goats will graze the same areas in a coordinated way so that the effects on the vegetation will be highly effective in terms of fuel load control and maintenance of open areas, two main goals concerning local forest fire prevention and biodiversity improvement.

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