Signing of livestock transfer agreements

Signing of livestock transfer agreements

23 November 2016

Livestock purchase is among the LIFE Montserrat project’s actions. Once the animals have been purchased, they are transferred to those holdings committed to the project objectives in order to enhance grazing activity in areas that have been identified as strategic for forest fire prevention.

The recent arrival of new animals to some holdings located in El Bruc made it necessary for the project managers and the farmers to regularise the deal by signing the livestock transfer agreements. To this end, on November 18 the Director of the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera Environmental Department, as the project beneficiary in charge of the purchase of livestock, met the farmers at El Bruc Town Council.

The agreements set a 5 years period during which the animals are fully committed to the project and farmers are required to: 1) increase their herds with at least the same number of animals that have been transferred by the Project, and 2) use the animals to meet the objectives of the project by strengthening grazing activity in the identified strategic areas. After those 5 years, the animals become the property of the farmers to all intents and purposes.

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