2nd Meeting of the Project’s Advisory Board

2nd Meeting of the Project’s Advisory Board

2 December 2016

On November 22 the experts within the LIFE Montserrat Advisory Board met the Project’s Technical staff for the second working session since the beginning of the project in 2014. Right now the project is in the process of getting the livestock holdings under way. At this point, the meeting with the experts became a great opportunity to validate the major project guidelines under development and to raise existing questions concerning planned actions still to be completed.

The main issues that were discussed during the working session are:

  • Terms and conditions in which grazing activity in areas affected by the 2015 wildfire should be initiated
  • Prioritisation criteria in the recovery of open areas
  • Elaboration and implementation of grazing management plans for the livestock holdings
  • Present and future of the Montserrat Association of Livestock Farmers

The financial viability of the livestock holdings was also in the debate. But owing to the lack of time, measures and strategies that will be necessary to strengthen the continuity of the holdings in the long term were accorded to be discussed in depth in the next working session, which is planned for the next year.

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