More goats for the project

More goats for the project

17 January 2017

50 new goats have been purchased to strengthen a herd that grazes in the Can Rubió and Gatells mountains, between the villages of Esparreguera and Collbató. This same herd had already received 92 animals in 2016 that were purchased by the LIFE Montserrat project.

With the arrival of these new goats the number of animals of the herd has raised up to about 300, which is quite adequate to develop an effective grazing activity in a wide mountain area considered of strategic value for fire prevention. The objective is that open areas and low fuel load areas that will be created in the next months through forestry works and prescribed fires can be maintained by the grazing activity of the goats.

Not for nothing the consolidation of newly created open areas is the main contribution of the project to local biodiversity. And in that area, goat grazing activity is the most effective way to make it possible.

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