Networking with related projects

Networking with related projects

16 March 2018

Ramats de foc (Herds of fire) is a project focused on livestock introduction in forest areas of Baix Empordà (northeast of Catalonia) with the aim of managing their fire risk. The project involves the Catalan Fire Department, Pau Costa Foundation and Gremi de Carnissers (local butcher’s guild) with two main objectives:

• To ensure the control of fuel load accumulation in forests through grazing activity.
• To promote meat commercialisation of herds working on fire prevention through local butcher’s shops.

Even though the scope and focus do not exactly coincide with those of LIFE Montserrat both projects have much in common and therefore a meeting was in the interest of both technical teams. Thus, on 6 March Ramats de Foc managers came to the Montserrat area to exchange experiences, share common difficulties and explore potential lines of collaboration with the LIFE Montserrat technical team.

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