Seminar on goat cheese making

Seminar on goat cheese making

21 July 2016

The economic viability of livestock holdings involved in the project is an essential issue in order to achieve the objectives of the project. Without economic viability livestock activity in the forest areas can not be sustained, meaning that the maintenance of open areas and low fuel loads in strategic areas may be at risk. That is, the key elements to move towards a landscape of lower vulnerability to wildfires and higher biodiversity would not be ensured.

Economic viability in holdings working with goats is often related to the production and sale of dairy products, such as cheese. With this in mind, the Catalan School of Shepherds together with the LIFE Montserrat project have organized a training seminar on the manufacture of goat cheese specially addressed to LIFE Montserrat farmers but also open to other interested people.

Expert Cheese-maker Judit Carrera was in charge of the seminar, which took place in Olesa de Montserrat on Friday, 8 July, with the collaboration of the Town Council and the Fundació Agrícola Olesana.

The event succeeded beyond all expectations. In a few hours after launching the call for registrations there were no vacancies left. In the next day, people on the waiting list exceeded the number of those already registered. Such an interest should lead to new seminars in order to comply with the existing demand for this kind of training.

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